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Cracked my screen, where can I find a replacement?

Hi! I dropped my week old Zenbook 13 UX331FN and cracked the screen on the upper right corner, the lcd and touch functions are working fine, it's just the glass that broke. I have looked everywhere for a replacement part but I am unable to find it. I do not have an Asus service center in my country.

Does anyone know where I can find one? or does anyone know if the digitizer from antoher asus model is compatible with the UX331FN?

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If it’s just the glass and not the LCD/Digitizer, here’s the part:|l

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Hi @alexrobinson ,

The part states that it is the frame only, no glass (scroll down to view description of the part)and the OP mentions that the "touch" functions are OK.

It is used for non touch models.

Apologies if I'm reading it wrong ;-)


Understood. I will keep looking.


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