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Why did iTunes stop recognizing my cd burner?

Last year, I obtained and replaced the superdrive and everything has worked great. This last month iTunes won't allow me to burn any cds. It indicates that no burner or software installed... However it does allow me to play cds and import to the library - just not burn any music. Using other software I am able to view DVD's and burn DVD's. Any thoughts? Where do I even start to get iTunes to work again and allow me to burn cd collections?

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Suggested troubleshooting:

1. Run Apple System Profiler (Apple Menu > About this Mac > More info)

See if the drive is recognized by the system (Is it in the profile under Hardware > Disk Burning)?

If it's not, it's either failed or the cable has disconnected.

2. If it is recognized by the system in step 1, try burning a disk through the Finder. If that works, it's a problem with iTunes. Sometimes, burning a disk in Finder cleans up the problems with iTunes. Alternatively, download a fresh copy of iTunes.

3. You can also try to reset the PRAM and open Firmware. You can get those instructions from searching the Apple website.

Hope these steps help.


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Great diagnostic steps. Drive is not recognized by system as able to burn discs in the System Profiler. Finder will not allow disk burning. However, other software such as dragon burn does allow me to burn cds and dvds. Resetting PRAM did not help. Since I am able to burn with other software, now I just want to get my downloaded purchased music out of iTunes and onto cds.


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It is possible the CD burning laser has failed on the drive - there are different lasers for CD and DVD, as well as for read vs. write. Can you burn files to CD media using Finder?

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Thank you! Finder does not offer me the option to burn cds. Good clue that there may be an issue with the hardware!


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