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Repair information, service manuals, and troubleshooting help for refrigerators manufactured by LG Electronics.

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Evaporator Fan turns on when plugged in, but then stops. Problem?

I have a LG Fridge. I just replaced the defroster element and the evaporator fan. When I plugin the fridge, the fan comes on and runs for maybe 15 -30 seconds. then it turns off and doesn’t seem to turn back on. If I unplug and replug, it comes back on.

Does this sound like a board problem or the unity inside the top of the refrigerator part?

Appreciate the help!

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I have same problem. Just want to add that I plug it in and Compressor runs, 15 seconds later evaporator fan comes on, 30 seconds later it stops, compressor continues non stop. Freezer will reach 8 Deg. F or lower. Frig. will over night reach 57 Deg. F, or43F over time. That should narrow it down some, But that board is just under $400.00 Dollars. Also my E Fan has about 5 wires that tells me it's a Multi or variable speed motor. Other than touching a currant sensor to the leads I'm not sure which leads to meter test. to determine if voltage is dropping out or if motor is bad. My Frig is 2 YR. 2 Mon. old. ):



What is the model number of the refrigerator?

Check online using the model number to see if you can find out how to perform diagnostic tests on the fridge, or look for the service manual as that usually details the diagnostic procedure.


Thank You. I tried both between loading coolers. I swapped it out with my smaller shop unit. So I'm out of the woods for now. LG Model: LTCS24223/07. Thanks again. I'll check it out again.


To: Tim And Jayeff

Subject: Good News Bad News

Good news; As of about 9:30 this AM, Eastern time, about two hours ago, its been running like a charm, perfectly. This after unplugging it, removing the shelves, drawers and doors and wheeling it out of the house (down two steps), down the driveway and into the shop. where i left it in pieces until this morning. I should say that I did take off circuit board and compressor access covers looking for anything obvious (loose wires Jayeff) found nothing. I did tip the whole unit forward to about 2 feet off the floor to drain some water (hot) out that I think was what I spilled Thawing out drain. I left it until today. I re installed doors but not covers, plugged it back in and let it get going so i could perform the circuit board four push test button test. and waited for it to act up. - - - - it has not acted up!


Bad News: I don't know why!? So, I'm just going to see how it goes for a week or two. Maybe jiggle some wires. In the mean time we'll use it long distance. - - - - - Just went down and it's still running. Took readings with a laser type point and shoot thermometer. Just found temps off back walls of compartments to be below recommended so i shot side walls and are closer to normal. that's all for now.


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The problem may exist with any of the following:


Defrost timer 

Wire harness contacts 

Wiring between components 

If just the evaporator fan is turning on for a few seconds and then shutting off, then you likely have a failed evaporator fan or a loose wiring contact in that circuit.

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So if I just installed a brand new fan - including new wires and connection, what would the next step be?


Use a multimeter and test your connections for continuity.


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Hi @lgsufferer,

Found this in a service manual for the same series refrigerator (not quite the same model but hopefully close enough)

If you use it in conjunction with p.32 of the manual it may help you to find the problem.

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