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My phone turns off after 3 minutes

Im not sure if your able to help, but i have an iphone xs max and i did a charging port replacement pretty easy but the phone stays on for 3 minutes and shuts off battery status seem to be correct everything work it just shut off after 3 minutes what do you think causing the issue and how to fix it

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I have one doing the same thing it cuts off the powers right back on is this what yours is doing???


I changed the screen on mine and after 3 mins mine does the same -.-


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I would try to re-install the original charge port to see if the problem persists. If it does, then you may have accidentally damaged something on the logic board (connectors) or one of the flexes. If the problem is not present with the original flex, then you probably have a defective replacement flex.

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Has anyone figured out the fix for this? After charge port replacement i am having same issue

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