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iPhone SE multiple issues


After going to a store to get my iPhone SE screen replaced my iphone does not boot up (stuck in boot loop) and cannot even hold a charge meaning it will not even power on if not connected to with the power cable.

I have tried:

  • getting a new screen replacement but the problem persists;
  • disconnecting the battery and with the cable connected (does the same)
  • resetting through itunes, it will reset and update but will still be stuck in the boot loop
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Why didn't you get back to the shop that made the repair to start with ?


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Hmmm…erratic battery readings…?

Do a thorough visual inspection, preferably with magnification, of the area surrounding the battery connector. There are several tiny SMD components just above the connector. Of particular importance is FL2400, highlighted in red. If it is missing (which can happen when you pry the connector off), then the battery state does not get communicated to the CPU and this can also cause charging issues and fluctuating readings.

Block Image

This is a common error by DIY fixers and inexperienced techs (or even experienced techs not fully concentrated ;>).

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Install a known good battery. The phone is boot looping because it is not getting any data from the battery.

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Will try that, thank you


Ok so I replaced the battery and managed to get out of the restart loop. However there still seems to be a problem, I left the phone charging for a few hours and it only charged 15% and it keeps restarting from X to X minutes and everything is boots up it has 1% battery and it changes back to like 8% or whatever after a few seconds. What should I do?


Okay so you know it is not the battery. Since it is displaying random battery percentage it would point to the tigras chip, a partial short on vcc_main or the fpc battery connector. It sounds like a microsoldering outcome in any event.


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