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Lançado em 4 de novembro de 2017. Modelo A1865, A1901. Disponível como GSM ou CDMA / 64 ou 256 GB / Prateado ou Cinza Espacial. (Pronuncia-se “iPhone 10”.)

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Motherboard screw holder came off causing issues

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The iPhone X was working fine until the bottom right screw holder of the motherboard came off. Since then, the ear speaker, main speaker, mic isn’t working and the phone is dead slow. Can I use jump wire to remedy this? I can’t see anything connected through my bare eyes.

Please help.

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Apple does have a tendency to route traces around screw holes…but not in this particular instance. That said, there are a lot of very fine traces in close proximity to the screw hole so if any one of those is compromised, then you will have issues with your logic board.

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Each colour represents a different internal layer of the PCB. You will not be able to see these with your naked eye when looking “from the side”, only when looking at traces from a top perspective. I would take a closer look with a microscope to see if any the adjacent traces are visible, otherwise, you will probably not be able to repair this logic board.

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