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Not powering on after back glass breaks.

I have had 2 customers call saying they dropped there XR and shattered the back now the phone wont come on. Has anyone else seen this problem? I am not sure if its just pure randomness or what?

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Any time a phone is dropped, there is always the chance that something on the logic board can be damaged. It’s probably just coincidence at this point. But first, you’ll want to open them up to see if there are any connectors that got dislodged or if there is any visible signs of impact damage. Beyond that, I would suspect a logic board issue.

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I have it open and looks fine how ever with the way the back is shatters where the wireless charging pad is i pushed up. So I thought maybe it is like the S8’s where if that gets damaged then the phone wont come on.


That's possible. Try disconnecting the wireless charger lop to see if the phone boots properly.


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