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Wi-Fi only variant of the fifth generation of iPad, released in March 2017. Available with 32 and 128 GB storage options featuring a 9.7" Retina display and 64-bit A9 processor.

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USB IC same as iPad Air?

I have tried searching for parts for a iPad 5 that doesn’t charge anymore. Tested the battery and lightning connector and they were fine. I was wondering if someone know if the IC’s are compatible with iPad Air or Air 2, because those parts I can order. If they are not compatible I will decline to repair this iPad 5.

Problem it is having:

When you plug in the USB side first and then the lightning side it does not charge.

When you plug in the lightning port first and then the USB side it will start charging for some strange reason.

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You may want to try another, Apple certified cable as well.

For the iPad Air / Air 2, the Tristar version is the 1610A1. I don’t have an iPad 5/6 on hand but they are pretty similar to the Air / Air 2 so I would suspect they use the same Tristar. Regardless, you can use a 610A3B for all of these models without issue.

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Yeah tried several cables and adapters wit the same result. I will try and open it I guess and pray the USB IC is the same. If it isn't I will just return the iPad to the customer. Thanks


Hey there the Tristar in the iPad 5 is 6103AB, so iPhone 7 for future references. I replaced it twice and still the same problem. Only thing I can do now is replace dock connector and if that doesn't work it might be the PMIC right? The battery should not prevent ipad from connecting to PC if Iam not mistaken.


Thanks for the update! You can probe the Dock connector to see if the signal is getting through. I always check that before swapping any IC's if the dock flex doesn't look damaged. You should also probe the charge circuit before removing the PMIc as there could be some damaged parts that are not working properly.


Replaced the dock connector and it started charging normally with 2A, and itunes recognizes the ipad, but for whatever reason it gives me an error while making a backup.

"Itunes could not backup the ipad because an error occured while reading from or writing to the ipad.

Trying 3utools I get "Multiple error uploading file error code:-104".

Making a backup through icloud it gives a error saying my internet connection is not good, but the connection is stable and I can stream 1080p on youtube and speedtest comes back with 50mb/s.

I have never encountered this before. Could this still be a IC issue or is there something more going on? Any advice would be appreciated


The charging issue seems resolved so that's good. You may still have have one line from charge port that isn't connected properly. It could be a bad solder joint on the flex, a partially damaged flex or an issue with Tristar.


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