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Charging issue on iPhone 6s and already changed Tristar/Tigris

Hi I got an Iphone 6s send in to me for charging issue.

Back to basic :

  1. Changed new Battery twice
  2. Changed new charging port
  3. Check Voltage on battery connector (reading abnormal = 0.63V
  4. Changed Tristar
  5. Check Voltage on battery connector (normal reading = 3.8V)
  6. Reading on ampere was abnormal = 0amp
  7. Changed tigris (I take from a donor board which is an ID Locked IPhone 6s)
  8. Phone not charging normally. the charging indicator shows up, but reading on ampere was still 0 Amps !! And also the battery draining very fast
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Hello Azim. You should try to disconnect everything from the logic board, minus the battery and dock to see if the current draw changes. This assumes of course the battery and dock are known-good.

If it is still 0A, then you probably have another issue on the logic board which will require you to do some probing of the PMIC outputs.

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What if after I disconnect everything and still not solved the issue. What connection on the PMIC should I checked first ?


Hey you know what. After I changed a new tristar, the phones start to charge normally and the amps draw 0.9 - 1amps. But when I assembled everything it start to not charging again and when I removed all the screw, the phone start to charging back. So in this case, the charging issue cause by the screw. How its possible to be like that ?? U have any idea sir ?


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