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Tv screen keeps going off but the sound still works

My tv keeps playing up, sometimes it works without a problem for hours on end and then others after 10/15 minutes the screen will gradually go black starting from the bottom and then the whole screen goes off but the sound still runs through the tv perfectly fine, after unplugging from the wall and leaving for a while the tv will come on again and work fine until it happens again. Obviously this is a huge inconvince as I use the tv frequently, any suggestions on what the problem may be ( something simple or something complex) don’t want to replace the whole tv if it is only something minor.

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You did not ask a good question: you did not specify/identify your tv model. You did not even mention its type.

If your tv is a LED-backlighted LCD panel model, then its backlight system could be failing. If you use it at high brightness, then you might be able to postpone the inevitable (total backlight failure), by lowering its backlight brightness setting.


Could also be a CCFL type with the inverter going thermal fail.


Hello Lewis, please shine a flashlight at the screen and let us know if you can see the picture. This test will help direct the diagnosis.



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lewis.pakeman let us know what model your TV is. Once it has a black screen but maintains the sound, darken the room and shine a flashlight at an angle against the screen. If you can make out shapes/silhouettes etc. then you know that this is a backlight issue (bad backlight array or bad power supply) If it does not show anything, it is most likely a main or t-con board situation. Again, we need to know the exact model to assist you further.

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@oldturkey03 its the toshiba chrome cast 2016 model The backlight goes out I turn off the tv turn it back on it works fine again sometimes it does go out again I factory reset the tv does the trick for a few weeks then goes off again what could be the issues? Thank you.


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