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Explore the Ford Bronco's journey from its 1966 debut to the latest 2024 model, highlighting its evolution, key specifications, and comparison with rivals like Jeep Wrangler and Toyota 4Runner.

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How do I get the codes off my 1994 bronco?

I need to know how to get the codes off my 1994 bronco

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This predates OBDII, so you can’t use a code reader. For OBDI vehicles, each manufacturer has a unique set of codes to identify faults (On Ford/Mazdas with Ford parts, it’s usually a CEL pattern or codes displayed on the dash cluster VFD). There is no standardization on OBDI vehicles so you need to see what Ford uses on the Bronco specifically. In some cases, the codes vary by one model year with OBDI. From what I can find, it looks like the Bronco uses 2 digit EEC IV codes.

Your best bet is to find a factory service manual with the codes, but I found a code list here if you cannot find the factory service manuals or can’t afford to get them. This site also has some information on the additional code sets Ford uses on OBDI vehicles and information on how to access and clear the codes once you’ve fixed it.

The problem is OBDI isn’t as clear cut to work with as OBDII, so some of my information may be incorrect. That said, short of finding a factory service manual the info I found is as close to it as you may get.

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