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The Moto G4 Plus is an improvement on Motorola's Moto G4. The Moto G4 Plus offers a fingerprint sensor, increased memory capacity, and an improved rear camera. Model number XT1642 and XT1644.

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Battery draining too quickly

The battery on our Moto G4 plus has been draining quickly. I replaced the battery yesterday with an iFixIt battery and it is still draining quickly. We drained to below 10% and then charged to 100% with the Motorola factory charger before using. It is a quick charger. The phone was warm after I reassembled it and turned it on, even though I wasn’t running any apps.

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There could be malware running on your phone that is draining it's battery. Let's make sure there's no malware running on your phone.

Download and install Malwarebytes for Android and run a full scan of your phone. Report back the results!

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Certain types of malware can drain your battery by overloading power hungry tasks.


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