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Repair guides and support for Compaq laptops produced by the parent company, HP.

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Do I need real CF cards to do a CF->IDE conversion?

I recently purchased a pile of nc6000 laptops in various states of disrepair and was able to make a few good units (2 excellent/2 with correctable issues) for old equipment and games that don't like Vista/7/8.x/10.

These laptops are all old enough to use IDE hard drives, which were removed when the laptops were scrapped :(. The caddies are gone too, but I can get those easily. I have 1 drive with 1k something hours on it from 2009, but it came out of a dropped T43; however, it was tested to accept an OS with a long format and it passed so it’s probably okay.

While this will work, I want something that’s reliable long term. Since you really can’t find new IDE drives easily I am looking at doing a CF->IDE conversion with an adapter. However, SD->CF adapters are another option I’ve looked into and I can get 2 cheap adapters and 64GB SDXC cards (if the price differential is justifiable). However, I don’t know if this will work. I am looking to install Windows XP Pro SP3 on them.

Will a SD->CF adapter work in a CF->IDE drive adapter? I’m okay with doing it either way with CF, but knowing if I can use SD cards will make it much easier to purchase the cards I need. If not, I know you can buy SD->IDE adapters as well.

I've checked the BIOS and I only think it supports 2 drives. I think 2 CF cards aren't going to work:

Block Image

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Hello, in this forum there is a discussion talking about what you are looking for.


Remember that you are limited to storage recognized by the notebook. if specifications says up to 80gb


so you must use such spec or lower in hard drive space.

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These are new enough they should use 48-bit LBA instead of 28-bit (128GB MAX). I shouldn't have a problem with large drives since I'm not going to exceed the 1TB limit because of the legacy BIOS.

Up to is what the OEM (HP) sells the notebook with.


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