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Home button very hot and works sometimes


I repaired a iphone 7 screen and I was VERY careful with the homebutton.

But now the homebutton doesn’t work anymore, sometimes it does and than it register more presses with only one press.

TouchID & Reachability works perfectly fine.

And the left part of the homebutton is very, VERY hot. It also sucks power…

I have read a lot of things about the broken chip on it, but isn’t there a solution without soldering?

I was so careful, I can’t believe that I broke it?

Thanks in advance

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With heat, my first suspicion would be a short circuit. Check to make sure the home button connector is properly seated in its socket, and that the bracket isn't shorting out against anything (steps 21-25 in this guide). If all looks good there I would examine the home button assembly under a magnifier, looking for damage (cracked chips, missing pieces, etc).

iPhone 7 LCD and Digitizer Replacement


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It sounds like the U10/Turtle IC on the Home Button Flex was damaged. That causes the “click” function to fail although the Touch ID will still work. Unfortunately, there is no other way to repair it other than via micro-soldering. You’re other option is to bring the phone to an Apple Store and have them replace the screen. Maybe you can get a refund on the screen you purchased.

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