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Phone is searching. Does not know the SIM is in or out of the phone.

Need some answers if possible. I have an iPhone that does not recognize if a SIM is in the phone or not. It is stuck in a searching mode. It states that it needs an update, but after hooking it up to iTunes and updating, it just goes back to saying the same thing? Any ideas?

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The iPhone 7 has several design issues. The Qualcomm baseband version logic board has multiple issues that can cause “searching” or other connection issues. At this point it sounds like a hardware issue so you will need to have it looked at by an experienced micro-solderer. However, if the problem is within the baseband IC itself, it will not be repairable.

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If no IMEI is displayed via dialing *#06# in dialer, modem and IMEI missing in settings general about phones those are symptoms of baseband circuit failure.


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