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Sony Bravia Sound Issues

I have a 55” Sony Bravia TV with an Xbox One connected to it. Both units are 3 or 4 years old. Over the last month or so I have started having sound issues. When I turn on the tv about half the time I get very loud static. I turn the volume down all the way and that usually “fixes” it. Sometimes it does not. When I switch from cable to the Xbox the sound issue is corrected. Occasionally - while watching TV - the sound will go from normal - to all static. I don’t believe this is a setup issue as the tv/xbox have been working well for years. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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Hi @zjdeere

It may not be a setup issue but you may have to alter your setup to prove where the problem is emanating from and perhaps if it is HDMI related or not.

It could be the cable box, the xbox or the TV that is the cause of the problem.

Try connecting the cable box directly to the TV via HDMI to check if it still occurs.

If it does can you connect the cable box to the TV via AV (composite or component video) instead of HDMI to prove if it may be HDMI related or not?

If it doesn't occur when using AV, can you connect another TV to the cable box via HDMI to prove whether it is the cable box or the TV?

Is the cable box firmware up to date?

If it doesn't occur with a direct cable box to TV connection (whatever mode or TV) try connecting the xbox only to the TV via HDMI and see if it occurs.

If it does occur try connecting the xbox via AV connection and see if it is related to HDMI or not.

If it doesn't occur when using AV can you connect the xbox via HDMI to another TV to see if it is the xbox or the TV?

Is the xbox one firmware up to date?

Unfortunately it will be a case of trying different setups and conditions until you can isolate it to the one device or setup and make it happen every time and then go on from there as to why

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the only way to really determine what is going on and which piece of equipment is at fault, is by isolating it. Use a different input source for your TV. Try something like a DVD/BD player or even regular TV. Do not use your X-box for this just now. Either replace the HDMI cable or use a different port for it. Try different input ports like composite, component and even regular coax. Then see if the sound remains. Let us know what you find.

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I have the same issue I brought the other is almost couple years old to him I’ve tried multiple HDMI cords tried two different stereos took the Xbox to my dads work on his TV I get really loud static off the TV through it speakers and when I try to get it to play through my stereo they get nothing

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My model is kik-40v5100


KDL - 40V5100 auto correct


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