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iPhone7 Home Button remplacement

Hi guy’s, i know this question has probably been asked a lot of time but, i have bought an iPhone 7 and the guy said that he replaced the screen and then the home button stopped working.

I though that he damaged the flex (but i checked the flex and everything is right). So i purchased another home button (even if i loose touchId) and installed it.

It is still not working. Why ? Is that a way to fix it ?

Thanks you,

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Unfortunately, there is no real DIY way to fix a Home Button, only Apple can replace it.

You will need to carefully inspect the Home Button and flex to see if there is any damage. Magnification here will help.  Look for tears to the flex or any physical signs of damage. Also inspect the flex that runs under the LCD Heat Shield as it tends to tear at the corner. You should also check the connector to insure none of the pins are damage or that there isn’t any debris.

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iPhone 7 home button is not replaceable—you will lose BOTH home button function and touch ID. However, you can plug in one of the headphone jack/home button dongles and that will work for home button, or you can get a new screen at Apple which will come with a new home button paired to the device, or you can try out a new chinese product that is a new charge port that WILL allow a replacement home button to work just for home button function. (Although these things are probably sketchy and word on the street is that they have other problems)

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Thanks you all for the answer!

So the only real way to make it work is to pay ~300€ at the Apple Store…

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There is a new way to solve this problem, if you give up the touch ID function.

It’s called iPhone 7 customized charging port, the product link is here:

And this is a vedio guide for installation:

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