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The Galaxy S7 Edge is the curved-screen variant of Samsung's 2016 flagship phone, the Galaxy S7. Announced February 2016 and released on March 11. Model SM-G935.

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S7 Edge: No signs of booting - draws some power

Have two G935F phones that are both hard bricked. One draws 0.05mA when plugged in or whenever the USB cable is connected.

The other one does similar but sometimes draws around 0.30mA.

Attempted to use freeze spray on the latter to identify a short and it all evaporates at the same time.

Stereo Microscope inspection and shield removal reveals nothing out of the ordinary.

I have ZXW Tools

My question is where for Galaxy phone do you begin with these board problems, battery, screen and connector ports also replaced.

I’m familiar with iDevices a lot more so any help and advice would be really appreciated.

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hi referring to your original question "where for Galaxy phone do you begin with these board problems" . How did you find out how to read samsung? i can do apple but i still cant do samsung as the schematics is not as simple as apple. need your help got a dead s7.


Put yourself a post if you haven't already and you should get a good response from the community!


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Got to the bottom of these and thought I’d share the knowledge.

One phone had a short on "C3 image processor / Samsung S2MPB02 PMIC" (VDD_COMP_CORE_0P8) I didn’t think the caps looked bad so I removed the IC itself and the short went away, the device booted again with full image only camera not working, data is all fine though which was the main concern.

The other phone however was not solvable. a full short to ground was found on VDD_0P8_CP by comparing board values. Two caps and one filter removed for this small line and short still present. Lower bigger PMIC removed and short still present. The only place left is the CPU, I had to call this one a day because replacing the CPU is out of my depths (even then it may be unique with the hardware encryption.

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probably the bigger of the power ic’s i have an s6 edge+ no power aswell gona change the power ic and check the outcome i had power around the top power ic but barely anything around the lower 1

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