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Lançado em 16 de setembro de 2016. Modelo 1660, 1778 Disponível como GSM ou CDMA / 32, 128 ou 256 GB / Ouro Rosa, Dourado, Prateado, Preto Mattte e Preto Brilhoso.

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iPhone 7 shutting down randomly

I have a customer that has a iPhone 7 it keeps shutting off randomly even after battery replacement and software up data and DFU restore.

any other reasons this could be doing this?

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A lot of things can cause the phone to randomly shutdown. Did the customer share any history of the device, such as previous repairs, drops or other impacts, cheap chargers etc.? I know you said randomly but have you or the customer been able to see any form of pattern, such as usage, apps, conditions or modules being used (camera etc.)? If it is truly random, it will be hard to figure out.

Start with a really thorough inspection with a microscope. Look for anything out of place or normal, such as traces of water (even if the LDI’s are good), dislodged or partially dislodged components. I like to nudge the coils as sometimes they are barely hanging on and can cause intermittent problems. Just don’t nudge too hard :>).

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First check the BSI ways or the center pin of the battery connected properly or not.

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