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iTunes error 4013 after audio ic repair [Intel BB_RF]

Intel Model


1) Audio memo grey, no phone audio

2) Audio IC trace repair and reball

3) Audio works again but no cell signal

4) Try restore and fail at sending BB 80% (3utools)

5) Buy a preheater PPD120e

6) Remove that baseband cpu and reball

7) Phone show logo and go recovery, when restore error 4013 is shown.

8) It fail after phone reboot and the loading bar show, after a sec phone reboot to recovery again, but before that a horizontal line is show on lcd for a short period of time on top or bottom.

9) Tried reball that baseband 5 more times, same happens in all tries. I even use a thin tool to check weld position of BB_RF and on next try i position BB perfectly to not move when reflowing!

I have clean all underfill, have a lot of NC pads and only 3 connected pads rip off, lucky they are shared with other pads which are OK and also shared inside the BB_RF chip (I tested for continuity)

I tried restore without baseband chip in, same error happens. I start to suspect that i have other problem… The BB_RF reball comes out good as i use 3d stencils.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

From what i can see from the board side of the board, the first row of balls from Audio IC and BB_PMU look ok, but not sure where i can’t see.

PS: I used a heatshink on CPU everytime i apply heat to BB.

Any thoughts on that?

EDIT 06/08/2018:

Some guy advice me to try beta 12 ios. i did, and for my suprise it pass the part where it fail with current stable firwamre! Goes up 80% and got error on baseband:

Block Image

So it wirte NAND but fail here

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You have a lot of missing pads, have you checked them all in ZXW to insure they are NC? Also, I would micro-jumper those two traces at the top-right corner. They could be cracked, just like the audio C12.

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Yes i have compared, but a second look is better. That the picture from first try, after that i place a jumper at that right top pad, but is not needed, that pad is shorted to other present pads and also shorted inside the IC to other pads, so even if i put the jumper it will make no difference, i will post a image of that.

The second pad from right top is not missing.

EDIT: Image from ZWX added, i also confirmed all red dots are also conntect like that on IC (Shorted together) so even if one is missing thats not a problem


The only problematic pad i see is the second row, 5th col counting from right top. That pad goes to bb_pmu and only that tiny via stays, single connection not shared with any other pad. Still when i remove BB_RF i can see that via tinned with some solder left from the ball. My best bet now is check if that connection goes where it should or if trace/via is damaged


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The error 4013 is simply related to NAND Chips,May some pads missing or you need to Reprogram the NAND to fix that issues.

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Humm i can try reball and formant nand when i got the programmer but i don't guess thats the problem. Because iPhone partial works before i remove BB to reball, and NAND is away from BB_RF, so no way NAND got damaged by heat and CPU not. NAND was not reworked on this board, so even if solder melt it stay on place due the underfill.

Can anyone tell me if iphone can be restored even at only 1% without the BB_RF soldered in? Because i test restore without the baseband in and same thing happen, once it reboot to start restore it fail on first restore step and reboot


All section was connected in some how might be the pad missing under the baseband chip.


Edited main question with new data


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