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O iPhone 5s da Apple foi anunciado em 10 de setembro de 2013. O reparo deste dispositivo é semelhante ao de modelos anteriores e requer chaves e ferramentas de abertura. Disponível como GSM ou CDMA / 16, 32 ou 64 GB / nas cores prata, dourado e cinza espacial.

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replaced battery, phone turns on apple logo, off of 10seconds, back to

Replaced battery, phone turns on apple logo, off of 10 seconds, back to apple logo and continue to keep doing this until I hold power button and home button down, phone then will shut off. when I turn it back on, it repeats the same thing over and over. checked all connectors. nothing helps. Richard

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many, many thanks!!!!!


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With the iPhone 5s, it's common to accidentally damage the front camera flex cable, especially if you didn't completely remove the screen during the battery replacement. Another common thing to check is the home button connector, if either of these things isn't fully connected, it will cause the phone to bootloop.

I work in a cell phone repair shop and can understand the frustration of changing a battery and then finding the phone no longer turns on properly. We encounter this pretty commonly, and the good news is that it's rarely unrepairable.

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It could also be you're replacement battery. Have you tried re-installing the original battery to see if the phone powers up properly?

If it doesn't work with the original battery, then you probably damaged something. The iPhone 5S is also subject to pry damage along the edge of the logic board, facing the battery. If you had to pry the battery out, this could be what happened. Take a close look, preferably with magnification to see if any parts were damaged.

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