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Re-soldering iPhone SE proximity sensor

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I accidentally popped the little proximity sensor off of its ribbon cable - is there some way I can get this put back together?

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Soldering a proximity sensor back onto a flex is certainly possible. Ideally you need a hot air station and some practice (or experience). Use a lower temperature setting so you do not melt the plastic "box" of the sensor.

However, looking at your picture, I fear that the metal pads (that are normally) on the bottom of the sensor are still on the flex itself. If that's the case, then there isn't much you can do other than order a new FCAM/Sensor flex.

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Already tried this before. It just ended up not working at all.

You'll need to replace the front cam flex with either a original 5S or SE one (I have not tested aftermarket 5s front cam flex on SE yet).

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