How do I get the tiny screws back in?

I have tore my phone down and am now trying to reassemble. I for the life of me cannot get the tiny screw back into the holes. If I put them on the end of the screwdriver they just fall off whenever I touch the phone. Any suggestions?

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Normal with a screw designed by humans I would agree with both these ideas but these screws are 1.1mm. Twice now the screws have shot out the tweezers before I could get them to the phone. Luckily I found one of them. As far as the magnetized screwdriver it will stick to it but not on the end. It's always crooked and won't go in the screw hole. I'm 55 maybe my eyes and hands are too old for this.


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You need to magnetize the screwdriver so that it holds the screws in place, with something like this. Or you can insert them in the holes with tweezers and then use the screwdriver to secure them.

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Use a magnetic screwdriver

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Magnetic screwdriver, practice, and patients.... You will get it!!

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