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The Brother HL-5240 is an office laser printer released in November 2005.

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Paper feeder not picking up paper

I have plenty of paper in tray, but when I try to print something printer acts like it wants to work, but then stops and error message comes on, could my paper feeder be the problem?

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When I do the printing the feeder picks too many paper. How do I deal with this problem?


I had this problem too with my Brother HL series printer but when I replaced the non-Brother toner cartridge with a new one, the problem went away.


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Hi @eorrell ,

Usually the 'won't pick up paper problem' in printers can be overcome by cleaning the pick up rollers with a moistened cloth.

Here is a link to a video that shows how to do this for your series printer.

It is interesting to note that Brother, on p.72 in the printer's User manual, state that the pick up roller assembly has only an approximate life of 100,000 pages (@ 5% print coverage A4 page) and recommend that it should be replaced after this has been reached.

If cleaning the rollers doesn't resolve the problem and you think that your printer is near or has passed this 'mark', then perhaps the pick up rollers are actually worn out.

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It wasn’t rollers and cleaning at all for me.

Check this: it worked to get me printing. I was able to pull the white plastic tab into position [multiple tries after it kept sliding back]. Also another approach if you read further down.

HL-2280DW paper feed not working

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Link worked for me - the steps are clear but a little tricky to perform.


Works great. Sometimes it's the small mechanics that baffle.


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Recently donated our "good Brother" - it lasted 5 years !

We had same feeder problems, especially with cheap shiny paper.

Premium paper had no problems, but it would mis-feed if the bin was completely full.

Service tech suggested to replace the feed rollers that wear out.

We didn't have a back-up printer, so we continued to use good paper, for another 2 years !

Hope these new printer$ last that that long.

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Please, in the future --I beg you! if something is nonfunctional... Please just put it in a dumpster, NOT a donation bin. It's not charitable to pass along the problem to someone else. I just purchased a used printer from and I paid a nonrefundable $80 to take someone's "charitable donation" to a dumpster where it belonged.


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Had the same problem with HL-2130. Found this answer and fixed it within 2 minutes.

Thanks to the author, a few more years out of it yet. Was a $3.00 find in an Op Shop and was just about to bin it.

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