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I do not reassembly old phone. I have ordered each part one by one. So now I have screws but I do not know the right place for them. I want to assembly new iPhone 6. Does someone knows the right size for every single screw that goes in iPhone 6?

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It will be much more efficient if you go through the necessary guides here on iFixit as the screws are well laid out and identified. Jessa's videos are great but her goal isn't to show where the screws go :>). Ideally, you will need a caliper (a digital one is easier to use) to measure the screws and place them in the right spot. Be very careful especially around the screen retaining bracket.

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Thanks for the answer :D This way it will be much easier from me. From this guides I can find every size of needed screw. I hope that this will be successful project :D


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Watch ipadrehab videos on youtube, and you will see all the screws.

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Do you know which one? They have a lot of videos and I couldn't find appropriate.


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