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What to do after I water spill and it is stuck on dell logo?

What to do after I spilled water on my laptop? I tried to power it on several times and It came on dell logo and then I removed the battery. Cleaned it with soft clothes. again I put the battery on. It got to the point when I put my password and the screen went black. I waited for almost 5 minutes and then took the battery off. I blow dried it and tried to power it on One last time. Again it showed dell logo and Went Black.Please someone suggest me something helpful. I am super scared!!! Thanks!

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Did anything work? I have the same problem.


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I would stop turning it on when you've spilt water on it. Your best bet is to open up your Dell following a service manual and using Isopropyl alcohol above 70% to clear up any water marks on the internals of your laptop. By continuously turning it on without clearing all the water of it will definitely damage internal components further and might not be salvageable. If you aren't confident, find a repair technician to clean out the water safely.

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Hi @rajdeep151515 ,

To add to @kmkz good answer, here is a link the service manual for your laptop.

This will help you to gain access to the systemboard so that you can check for any component damage due to the water ingress.

Also use IPA 90%+ (Isopropyl Alcohol - available at most pharmacies) as it is more effective. Do not use "rubbing alcohol" as this is <70%, can contain scents and is not as effective in cleaning away the corrosion and water. If you have no choice but to use it, verify the amount of IPA on the label that it is a minimum of 70% and that it is without scents, so that you are not wasting your time and have to do it again at a later stage.

Here is a link that may be of some help in cleaning your laptop.

Electronics Water Damage


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