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Repair guide and support for the Samsung CLX-3175FN, a multifunctional color laser printer that also works as a fax machine and copier.

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My Samsung CLX-3175FN jams every time I try to print a job

''I just acquired this samsung laser printer from my dad. He had problems with it in the past jamming when ever he would try to print on label paper. He was about to junk it when I said I would try to get it back to a usable state.

Sure enough, when i got it home and tried printing on REGULAR paper, it jammed, then it jammed again and again.

After opening the front door (to the toners) then closing the door, it would eventually expel the paper without me having to pull it out. Each time I would have to do this to expel the paper, It was never completed printed either. Only half the image would print as it wasn't getting past the toners my guess..

Is this an easy fix...or should i take it to a repair company?

Please help!

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Check the feed rollers and separation pad for wear, along with the page count. A lot of these problems are caused by these components being worn. This can be caused by cheap parts (common on cheap printers) or heavy use.

Before you bother spending any money on this, I'd recommend checking the page count and making sure it's a low usage printer. I'm not sure how to do this on Samsung printers, but you can usually pull this data up in the EWS or print a page to find it. I know that you can check it on HP printers with both of these methods, but I'm not sure about Samsung. Generally, the menu this is under is called Reports, or something very similar.

If you find that the page count is reasonable (this is up to you, but I consider 40-50k high), then it may make sense to try and replace the pickup roller and separation pad. The pickup roller can be found at Precision Roller. I can't find the separation pad for the printer readily, so there's a chance it may not be used on this printer.

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I thought about the page count. It’s at 9000.

I am sure the pickup roller is part of the problem. I’LL see if I can get a better look tmw.

Thank you for your speedy reply!


9k is low enough the printer may be worth looking into a roller replacement. If it's shiny in some areas or large portions are like that then the roller is worn out.

It's higher then I'd like because of the OPC drum being a consumable, but that's a lot lower then what I expected. While it's likely good, I'd still suggest checking that and making sure it's good. Those cost more then a complete replacement printer.


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I have the same printer with the same problem. But I don’t use it often so I just place the paper in 1 by1 and it doesn’t jam

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