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iPhone Really Slow after Water Damage


I have a 64 GB iPhone 6s, wich had Waterdamage.

The screen died cause of that, so i replaced it, cleaned the board, replaced the Lightning Connector board and Battery. after putting it all back together the phone works, but is Extremely slow. i Reinstalled the os already 2 times, but it does not get better. Thinks like the camera app take around 15 seconds to open, and boot time is Over 2 minutes.

Any solutions?

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You may still have some residual effects from the water damage. How exactly did you clean the logic board? If you didn't remove the shields and clean it in an ultrasonic cleaner, then there is probably still some water or corrosion underneath the shields and/or the IC's.

If you did do a full decontamination, then I would check the health of the battery. As we have learned recently, a weak battery will cause the phone to throttle back the CPU and this could also be causing your poor performance.

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The battery has been replaced, and the board has been cleaned with 96% Ethanol in an ultrasonic cleaner


Did you remove the shields?


yes,all shield were removed


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