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Is someone provide data recovery from Drone Camera?


Drone is a flying robot which can fly autonomously through software-controlled plans with onboard sensors and GPS. And can capture moments of the unreachable place. But what if we delete photos or videos captured by drone camera? Is data recovery possible for drone camera?

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Actually, I have also faced trouble in such data recovery process in Drone Camera. They can get an actual solution is given by that will be fruitful for resolving their issues easily.


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Drone is a flying robot, which can fly independently guided by a remote control. Drone is a highly advanced equipment which is used for aerial photography and can capture photographs and videos for personal use. Drone saves all its data in Micro SD Memory Card. And these memory cards are vulnerable to data loss, due to many reasons. Few reasons are listed below:

1- Accidental deletion

2- Formatting

3- Virus Attack etc.

In the case of data loss from drone camera you can contact to data savior like Stellar who provides Drone data recovery services:

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The key question here is how are the photos saved; is there a removable memory card in the drone (i.e. microSD)? IF there is, then there are lots of options for data recovery. The important thing is to not use the card until you are ready to try and recover the data.

It sounds like the data recovery is logical in nature so you can try yourself by suing tools such as R-Studio or DDRescue. If you are uncomfortable doing this or don't want to invest in these tools for a one-off data recovery, then consider a professional data recovery lab. Logical data recovery is not that expensive...relatively speaking.

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I used RePicvid Free Photo Recovery to recover deleted photos/videos form Canon camera. You may give it a try. It supports a various of brand of camera, as well as microSD card.

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