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Identified by model number 347NR, the laptop was released in 2010. It runs on the Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit operating system.

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Boots up fine but shuts down immediatley


A friend of mine came to me with his laptop, telling me it would not work properly.

Here's what happens: It (most of the times) powers on just fine, passes the POST but within about 20s from that it just turn off, no error, no nothing... it even sometimes gets to the Windows log-in screen... It is noteworthy to mention that the fan revs up at full speed for the entire duration of the time it "works".

Trying to reboot if after that does not always work, if the power button is pressed the power LED will just flash a few times with no noticeable pattern to it, but nothing will happen.

I suspect this might be a heat problem, but I can't confirm since my new thermal paste hasn't arrived yet :'( Reseating the RAM, clearing the BIOS has not worked.

Anyone has any other suggestion?

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Hi @alexniculescu ,

Try the following to eliminate a few things:

Disconnect the HDD and ODD and get into BIOS, just to see if it then stays on.

Is the RAM 1 stick or 2? If 2 try removing 1 and see how it goes if no good try the other etc.

Does it stay on with the battery removed and running just on the power adapter?


Hi @jayeff !

It works with and without the battery... well it's kindda hard to tell because the battery barely holds a charge for a few minutes.

I'll try the other stuff you mentioned and report back.


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Hi, @alexniculescu ,

as many of those series HP computers has GPU chip problems I will sugest you to do short reflow for GPU chip. If you will see any good signs of usage after reflow process then GPU chip should be reballed. Or you can leave it reflowed but for very short usage...

Link to youtube video reflow process:

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