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Third generation of iPad, featuring 4G capabilities, released on March 16, 2012. Model number A1430. Repairs require heat and careful prying.

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After screen replacement stuck in charging battery screen

Hello all,

Ipad fixing noob here. So I did a front panel replacement on this ipad since it had a cracked screen. All went well, and the ipad worked briefly, but the as the battery drained and is dead now -- the ipad wont charge back up.

I have a usb ammeter that shows 0.12 A while charger cable is plugged into ipad, and when I press the power button and the battery screen shows the amps jump to 0.6 A. Not sure about this behavior. I believe iPad is supposed to draw 2A max, I have it plugged into macbook pro.

As I was peeling up the old cracked screen I noticed what I believe is the 4G unit came up with the screen.

Here are some screenshots for reference:

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A few observations...

  • A USB port can't deliver 2A for charging. You need the 12W brick for that and it is the proper way to charge an iPad battery.
  • Based on the 4th picture, your WiFi Antenna looks damaged. This is typical when removing the digitizer.
  • Unfortunately, the guide doesn't show this but you really should isolate the battery prior to removing the LCD. This hasn't created a problem this time but it is a best practice.
  • Did you secure the screw that holds the battery connector? Failure to do so can cause the issue you are seeing.
  • You will want to closely inspect the logic board for any damaged or missing components in the connector areas. These may affect the way the battery communicates with the CPU in regards to it's charge state.

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@refectio Hey it is working again! It turns out I followed a video guide by iCracked and removed two screws when I was trying to disconnect the battery (and placed a guitar pick in between the terminals). When I screwed them back in I swapped those two screws and they were of different lengths. I checked them tonight and noticed the difference. When I used the longer screw for the battery terminal it is now charging at 2A.

Thanks for your guidance, it got me thinking in the right direction.


That's great!


Please remember to mark his answer as the solution! Seems that it was the screws in his 4th thing to check.


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