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Second generation of the Ford Focus.

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How to Remove wiper arm after removing the nut on 2005 Ford Focus ZX4

I have removed the plastic trim and the retaining nut but am not able to remove the wiper arm by attempting to pull it off and also with a battery cable remover.

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epeerens it is just a pressfit on the linkage. What you have here are two dissimilar metals that love to corrode and seize. Try to spray some silicone lubricant and let it soak for a bit. Then use a rubber mallet and hit the wiper arm a couple of times at the joint where the arm bends. Of course you can also try a bigger puller. Those can really seize on tight. Persistence will pay off. Just make sure you do not brake your glass. Use some folded cardboard to protect the windshield from the wiper arm etc. Do not yank on it sideways since this could offset your linkage. I will hit the wiper arm with a rubber mallet right at the "elbow"(where the arm flips up)

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