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Why is my phone acting up?

Hi all! Recently I've been having trouble with an iPhone 6. It has run fairly well for over a year now. In the past few days, there have been intermitttent problems where the screen will freeze up - nothing will move, and it won't respond to the home button - and then mover really quickly, executing all of the inputs given from the screen/home button while it was frozen (power button tends to still work but I haven't not extensive experimentation with it). Problem was slightly worse temporatily after a hard reset, but, again, resolved itself. What causes this? Is there any way I can fix this without having to open the phone and replace parts? I tend not to like working on very small and delicate componants like those in the iPhone - I've not always been known to be the most careful...

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Have you had your screen replaced in the past and upgraded to iOS 11 through all of this? It has been causing problems with Touch on the 6S / 7 series with aftermarket screens.

Otherwise, you could try a full DFU restore to start from a factory fresh condition, just make sure to backup your data first. The only problem is that it will want to install iOS 11 by default and I would hold off on that for now. Check my profile for a link to a blog post I did on iOS 11 and there are instructions on how to install 10.3.3 instead.

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@refectio, have you seen this upgrade to IOS 11 cause issues on the 6 and 6 Plus too? Or is it specific to the "S" series due to the chip on the LCD instead of Logic Board? I have just returned home and getting back to work and 11 came out in my absence. Thank you :) I would have thought "Classic Touch Disease" on this one...


Hi @teetopp , glad your back. Hope your parents are all setup. Yeah, good point, it could be "classic TD" as well. Just with all the brouhaha about iOS11, my thoughts naturally went in that direction. I have not seen or heard anything about issues with the 6/6+ and based on what I have been reading, it appears to be an issue with the IC embedded on the screen assembly. I just finished updating my blog post so check it out.


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