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ThinkPad released in 2011. This version of the T420 is thicker than the T420s and lacks integrated USB 3.0. The T420i uses the same chassis, so most T420 repair guides work interchangeably.

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Sim card slot problem

My lenovo thinkpad t420 has a sim card slot under the battery but it does work

is it whether the slot is fake or there is other problems with it

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You do not need lenovo access communications software to run the modem card. Simply use the internet settings in windows, and double check the sim card is activated and inserted the correct way.


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Many business class laptops have SIM slots under the battery, but they only work if there's a special PCIe WWAN to connect to the carrier installed. You can check if yours has that component if you follow thisvideo and open your laptop up.

Thisis how the part looks like, if you'd like to get yourself one.

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The SIM card slot on the T420 is in the battery bay, but the WWAN card is located by the bottom RAM module. That's the WiFi card.

T420 RAM


I have a t480 and i inserted a active simcard from my tablet but still no mobile internet access. Is there an extra step or software i need to download to read the simcard?


@Raj Garcha Is it have a WWAN card? Most people pass on the option unless it's a major corporate purchase with a bulk data plan. I've never seen anyone take it personally.

It's usually on the spec sheet so if I'm not sure, then I can quickly see. They usually come with the systems when you buy them used, but some companies remove it.


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