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Detection of a component on motherboard


Can anyone help me with detection of marked component from J5 Duos motherboard?

Looks like somethink wrong has happend..

Block Image


Update (09/11/2017)

Oh, thanks :-).

Phone was probably water damaged. I can see probably salt at two places on top of the borad. One image is from components around WiFi/BT and other image is different side of board - bellow front flash diode.

Block Image

Block Image

So, phone is KO. Thanks.

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I think you need to provide some background information. Is the phone water damaged? Does it turn on? Any serious drops?


is that not a soldered shield over the top


It is soldered. But what is under?

And can malfunction of this component be reason for no-functional phone?


I need j5 (2016) Board


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@fbituco you'll find your BT/WiFi under that EMI shield. Could be a reason for non-functional if your BT or WiFi is not working. You'll have to give us a bit more information about what is not working on your phone.

Block Image

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