Boot Loop After Screen Replacement

Just fixed my friend's iPhone 6 Plus. He said after a day of fixing it that it was doing strange things. It wouldn't charge past a certain percent and sometimes it'd shut off on him. Now the phone just does a straight boot loop over and over again with the Apple logo. Sometimes, when the phone isn't plugged in and just ran off of the battery while trying to start up, it gives a red screen of death, so I've heard, for just a flash of a second after the apple white background screen comes up. Then the phone just repeats, black, apple logo, red screen, black, etc. So I looked up answers on how to fix this problem because I like to look at other's before asking questions but I tried everything I saw and couldn't find the right solution. I tried changing the screen 4 different times. 3 times with new ones and 1 time with the old one. I used the same camera cable/mic/audio flex that he had on originally, also bought new ones to see if that was the issue. Disconnected the home button but the problem still presists. Disconnected both the home button and flex but the problem still happens. Put in another battery, problem still happens. I've tried basically everything I can think of, buying a bunch of new items just to test this phone and to get it to work. I put it in DFU mode, and recovery mode (both) and tried to restore with iTunes as well. It gives me error code 3194. I also have a broken iPhone 6s that gives me that error code as well after fixing the screen but I never seemed to get around to making a post on that. Either way, I have two broken phones that I really wish I could fix but I don't know how to. Mainly the iPhone 6 Plus I'd like to get working again if possible. Also if you want to help with the iPhone 6s, the problem occurred after I tried updating the phone and it turned off during the update process. That phone can only be turned on by doing a hard power on (home button + power button) but it also gives me a boot loop (no red screen). Hope you guys can help. I tried giving you all the information I could!

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Indeed, you have tried just about everything. At this point, my concern would be Long Screw Damage. That is when you incorrectly put a long screw where a shorter screw should go in the screen bracket. We're only talking a few tenths of a millimetre.

Open up your device, remove the battery then the screen. Use magnification to look inside. It should be black (there may be some blue fragments). If you see copper traces, like what the above link shows, then you have LSD. This will require a micro-soldering repair and is definitely not a DIY fix.

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Here's what I discovered in both phones. I see blue like I saw in some of the pictures. Just checking, but these are both long screw damaged then correct?


The blue is just residue from the adhesive they put on the screws (Loc-tite). LSD would look more like this:


I found this on the 6 plus. Looks totally messed up. Is this definitely the problem if it looks like this?


That could impede a proper connection but that won't cause boot-looping.


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