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No Sound On Facetime After Screen Replacement - Calls Work Fine


As stated in the title, did a screen replacement on an iPhone 5 (I have a business and have done hundreds before without an issue) , now the customer is telling me that there is no sound via FaceTime , but sound works fine on all other calls and all other functions work fine.

Recording a voice memo and playing it back also works perfectly.

Any idea what I've done here? I can't figure it out and would appreciate all advice :)



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There are 3 microphones on the iPhone and FaceTime uses a different microphone than phone calls or voice memos.

FaceTime uses the Top-Front microphone, which is included in the FCAM flex. When you replaced the screen, did it come with the FCAM flex pre-installed or did you migrate it from the original screen?

If you migrated it, you may have misaligned the microphone. Also double check the connector to insure there is no debris or damaged pins.

If the screen came with the microphone pre-installed, it may be defective. You can always try the original one instead.

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Thanks, I moved the front flex cable from the old screen , will get the phone back and examine it , then report back!


Yes, please do!


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Yes, check the connectors to make sure they are plugged in or if already plugged in, plugged in correctly and are snug. You also may have accidentally ripped a cable by accident.

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