paid .pads files for the iPhone schematics

Hi there, does anyone know where I can get paid .pad files for use with pads viewer? Ideally iPhone schematics.

I know the free ones normally have lots of mistakes in them so don't mind paying for the files, just don't know where to source them from?

Thank you in advance.

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Try taobao, they should have them.


go to this site, all .pad files are tested :


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If you pay for pads files, they are probably the same ones you will find for "free" on GSMHosting. If you want to pay for something, then ZXWTools or Five-Core Platform is the way to go.

You can buy ZXW on or Five-Core on

EDIT 2018-05-10

I'll add that EasyDraw is now a lower cost alternative to ZXW. It is pretty close to ZXW in terms of features and has some advantages. Personally, I still prefer ZXW but YMMV.

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iphone downlaod file pads

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Maybe you are right but i dont prefer ZXW Anymore allot of chinese that we cant understand

90% of Solutions is on Chinese, i was user of ZXW but will discontinue to use it.

I Try to renew support message them + message no one answer

Totally not worth IMO

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