Touch not working after screen replacements

Hello, guys ive bought from you guys a couple of times. I've fixed family members phones multiple times. Here's the problem, I've mostly done screen replacements, I have pry tools a heat gun and everything I need to replace screens efficiently. What I don't get is that sometimes when I replace the home buttons the sensors stop working but the home button itself works. I go back to see where I messed up and when I look to see, I don't see any damaged cables or anything. Can you guys help me out to see where I might be going wrong.

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Hi Christian. The folks answering questions on this forum are not iFixit employees, just volunteers.

Regarding your question, Home Buttons are very delicate. The flex is very narrow and has multiple copper traces running through it. There are also some electronics components on it to handle some (or all ) of the Touch ID functions depending on the model. So you have to be very careful when you peel off the flex from the screen frame. You could also be damaging the FPC connector, either on the Home Button or on the Home Button Extension cable that runs beneath the backplate.

Obviously, it's hard for me or anyone else to know what you could be doing wrong. I can only give you some ideas about what I typically see or have lived through when I started out.

If you are going to do repairs on a semi regular basis or more, I would recommend a magnifying lamp for your hobby desk or some kind of head magnifier (I don't know if this one is any good). Everything is very small in an iDevice. You need lots of light and magnification to really understand what's going on.

Head Magnifier Imagem


Head Magnifier


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if you replace the home button the sensor will not work because of the board i.d and the new home button will not compatible.

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Just try to replace it with the whole assmlbly lcd or remove the battery whn you install the new one the power it with the lightning cable in the way u plug it

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