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Why my iPhone isnt working after the water got in it?

I dropped my iphone 4S in the water and it was still working but after an hour it wasnt working at all that all was before 5monthes ,is there a solution thankyou

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@aoshahh the first thing I suggest is that you no longer try to do anything with the phone until it is cleaned, you are running risk of further damaging it. Disassemble the phone using these guides. Then clean the phone with +90% isopropyl alcohol. Use this guide to clean it. Make sure to clean all the connectors and cable ends. After you have everything properly cleaned, replace the battery Reassemble your phone and re-evaluate. If you do not clean your phone, you will continue with the corrosion failure and your phone will be a lost cause.

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hello, you should open and take out the main board for clean and inspect. good luck!

iPhone 4S Logic Board Replacement

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Adding to @l3ps Answer...

Clean the logic board with 91% isopropyl alcohol. Take off all the metal shields on the board and clean the board gently with the alcohol. Give it a new battery and see if it works :)

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