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The Garmin Nuvi 255W is a GPS (Global Positioning System).

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Is looping on Starr up

When I switch it on garmin logo appear then it stays on for a minute or two then it's switch off then on again but it don't start the maps

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Most likely an OS error try updating your nuvi using the Software listed on there website.

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My pc can't pick up garmin at awl


So just to be clear you have the software on your PC?

If yes Then do a manual reset there should be a small hole somewhere on the nuvi it self as Jayeff states in his post do that then try connecting to your PC


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Have you tried resetting it?

There is either a reset button on the bottom (it may be hidden by a sticker) or if it is not there then try sliding the power button on/off across and holding it for 8 seconds to see if this resets the device.

If neither of these work, try clearing the User data in the device by holding your finger on the lower-right corner of the Nüvi screen while turning it on. Keep your finger pressed until the pop-up window appears. Touch yes. All original settings will be restored. Be aware that any items that you have saved will be erased.

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