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Released in August 2014, the Lenovo Y50-70 Touch is part of the Lenovo's Y series of laptops. Equipped with a dedicated graphics card and a 15.6" touch screen, the Y50-70 Touch is specialized for gaming.

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How do I replace my keyboard?

Most of my keys do not work and sometimes they do. It has been an on and off problem for a while now. Is there a way to just replace the keyboard and if so does anyone know where there is a guide to do it?

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ikameshia you can download the service manual for your computer from here The keyboard is considered part of the upper case. Here are some decent instructions on how to remove it :

"The first step to replacing your laptop keyboard is to remove the screws from the back of your Lenovo Ideapad Y50-70. Sometimes your laptop will have a picture of a keyboard next to the screws that need to be removed. Otherwise, see your Y50-70 laptop manual for details.

Above your Lenovo Y50-70 laptop keyboard, you have a cover panel. If required, remove this part to easily access your Lenovo keyboard.

If you have screws above your Lenovo Ideapad Y50-70 Keyboard, remove those screws.

Now that you have removed all the screws, you are ready to remove and then replace your new Lenovo Y50-70 laptop keyboard.

To remove your Y50-70 Keyboard, take a thin object and pry the keyboard out between the keyboard and motherboard. Be careful when removing your Lenovo Ideapad Y50-70 Keyboard.

Now that your keyboard is loose, simply disconnect your Lenovo Y50-70 keyboard. In order to disconnect the keyboard, pay attention to the keyboard connector and connector cable. Unlock the connector cable device and remove your laptop keyboard. Your Lenovo Y50-70 connector cable should be easy to remove by simply sliding it out.

Now that your Y50-70 keyboard has been removed, get ready to install your new Lenovo Y50-70 laptop keyboard. Look at the back of the keyboard. If you see any screw holes, you will have a good idea of where to place the screws back in at the bottom of your Lenovo Ideapad Y50-70 laptop." from here.

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This is missing some crucial info. How do you take the keyboard out. It's mounted to a metal panel with plastic rivets and cannot seem to take the keyboard out to replace it...


Yes I agree, all the techs at best buy keep telling me "slide something between and pop it out" but all the laptops I've tried this with had plastic rivets...



This link may answer your question. usually you have to cut/melt the rivets and then glue to keyboard back on.

Different brand but the principle is the same.

Keyboard replacement possible? Dell Inspiron 3147


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