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Differences between 4 and 4s batteries

My battery dies extremely quickly in my 4s and I was wondering whether I could replace it with a battery from my previous iPhone 4. Does anybody know their differences ?

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Been awhile. Last I remember, it's not a huge deal, meaning it could work. If you for some reason, have a spare handy, I would say try it

iPhone 4 Verizon Battery Replacement

If you're trying to save costs, I can't imagine how much you could possibly save

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Do the research before answering a question. Look at the part, it says right there:

"Notes: Includes the part and all the tools needed to do the repair. Will not work with an iPhone 4s."

iPhone 4 Replacement Battery

If you guess, you will get spotted by the real professionals and down voted and flamed!

If you can't imagine the cost, look at the part, it's $6.95! iPhone 4S Replacement Battery

Which also clearly states "Warranty: One year warranty

Notes: This option does not include tools. This battery will only work in an iPhone 4S. It will not work in an iPhone 4."


You're doing a very good job of shaming and blaming people


This wasn't that bad. Do you have any idea of how hard I get hit for making an error? I've been given 40 down votes in one day and that was just from one guy getting POed at me for contradicting his answer.


I know exactly how the point system works. With that being said, you and old turkey seem to get on me, when I make a mistake. I don't mind my mistakes being pointed out. However, that wasn't the way you phrased it. I've been looking towards you guys for help, instead you make it pretty obvious you're above me


iMedic, not sure where this "old turkey seem to get on me" comes from. Yes you make mistakes, just like the rest of us. I am not aware that I am getting on you about those. There are a lot of questions where you are right but second guess yourself. Sometimes it appears as if you do not read the question properly . This one here for example. You are answering with a link to a Verizon iPhone 4 even so the OP clearly states that his phone is a 4S, Why? You are a professional and need to get the confidence in your repairs that customers expect. I was not aware that I was blaming and shaming you and my apologies for that.


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@ninalannd no you cannot. The batteries have different connectors and slightly different flex positions. For the price of a new proper battery I would not even consider installing a used battery.

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You will not be able to use that battery with the 4s, I'm sorry. The connectors and voltage are different. The batteries are now cheap enough and really easy to replace.


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While i'm not going to flame you for thus answer, like I did iMedic, it's because it is correct, and you are new, but t's not really complete. Add a link to the repair guide. The $1.00 savings to an eBay part is OK but is it wise. The link you gave is from a pulled battery used on a demo machine for how long? Would you buy it?

Add a link to the part and/or the repair kit. iFixit, the site sponsor, we know offers high quality parts and even the tool kit to install the battery. Maybe knowing whose house you are in would be in order. On other non-consumable parts they give an unheard of lifetime warranty. You rarely get that any where. Even Apple only gives a 60 days warranty on parts when they do the repair!

It's far better to answer one question well than a bunch of answers half-assed.


@kaniggit49 The voltage should be identical at 3.7V


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