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Manufactured by Porter-Cable, the PC60TAG is an easy to handle miniature version of their commercial angle grinders for quick, light duty grinding tasks.

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Why is my grinder overheating?

Recently when i use my grinder, it begins to get very hot after a short period of use. This does not seem normal, could you offer any suggestions to remedy this?

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student question


some time field coil burn angle grander

wht is the reason


My grinder burned, what's the reason


hello sir i have 9" angle grander . in working time smoke com inside the body . when i open the grander . armachor is burn . why armachor burn what is the reason


armachor burning reason also carbon brush is crack


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Hey Mackenzie, this is what iFixit suggests you to do if your grinder is overheating:

Grinder getting unusually hot while in use

When the grinder becomes hot and can’t be handled properly.

Use of grinder for long periods of time

While the grinder is in use a certain amount heat will be produced although if the grinder becomes too hot that it unpleasant to handle, you must stop shut off the grinder and allow it to cool off for some time and recheck to see if it has cooled off completely before reuse.

Build up of debris and rust

When an excessive amount of debris and rust build up, it can cause the grinder wheel to be clogged and overheat. In order to solve this issue you can refer to the Accumulation of Debris above section (I copy-pasted the section below).

Accumulation of Debris

From use debris can be cause of low resolution when air particles get inside of the grinder. In order to resolve this issue you will have to clean the moving components of the grinder and add a little lubrication oil to keep it moving.

-More troubleshooting fixes can be found here

-Let me know if this helps.

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cleaning the grinding so more hot


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machine inside cleaning so many more time heat continuances

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