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The 2000–2002 Pontiac Sunfire is a sedan model.

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Air in the cooling system

I changed water pump and still running hot.

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Do the radiator hoses feel firm, yet supple when you gently squeeze them?

Does the top radiator hose feel warmer than the bottom hose after the engine has been run?

Be careful, ensure that the engine is switched off and the key removed from the ignition when you go to check.

If the bottom hose feels 'cooler' it may be that the thermostat is not operating (opening).

To check this:

Start the engine from cold with the radiator cap removed. As the engine warms up, after a while the thermostat will open and you should see the coolant start to move in the neck of the radiator.

Be careful of the coolant. As it gets hot it expands and may overflow out of the open radiator neck.

If you do not see any 'flowing' motion, the engine coolant thermostat may not be opening, allowing the coolant to circulate through the engine to cool it. If the movement seems sluggish then you may have a blockage in the radiator core, restricting the flow.

Also, when your engine is hot can you see (or hear) whether the radiator cooling fan is operating?

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Many Saturn engines have a bleeder screw at the water inlet, where the top hose goes to the engine. Air gets trapped in the heater hoses and core. Run the engine to operating temperature. Slowly open the bleeder screw to let air/steam out. Close the screw when coolant comes out. Repeat this bleeding procedure until no more air comes out. This will stop the overheating.

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Your vehicle is air locked the vehicle is air locked need to put a garden hose with the water on and leave the vehicle running with the hose on in the reserve pressure water squirting all over for at least 15 minutes then the vehicle should unlock itself got to keep pressure in the tank force the air out of the inside the motor

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