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A rotary tool by Wen with different speed settings and attachment options.

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Why is my device not holding a bit?

I am trying to put a new bit in my rotary tool but it keeps falling off when I try to adjust it

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The device collet nut, end piece, may be broken. It will need to be replaced.

You can check more information here.

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Rotary tools use different sized bits. Commonly a Tool like a Dremel uses a 1/4" collet size. A dental tool, such as the one I use, a Emesco jack rabbit uses 7/16" bits.

Make sure your bits are the correct size.

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mr.fixit were do you work to know how to fix every thing


@rozema Cody. I work for myself. Tough employer! Makes me study everyday! Plus I'm old and been many things in my life. stock broker, options specialist, surgical tech, dental lab owner, jewelry store owner, computer programmer, Mac Repair Store owner, saint and sinner. pastor and general PITA to many. If I don't know the answer I go find it, I do the work and try to be the best I can be at what ever I attempt. Now I give it away to help others.


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