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Laptop doesnt start, nothing displayed on screen

My screen broke, it leaked quite badly but I could still see bits of the page I'd been on. I turned the laptop off but when I turned it back on the screen was completely blank. I've replaced the screen with an identical model but still nothing. I took the case off to check connections and everything but can't see an obvious fault. When I turn it on the fan starts but then slowly comes to a stop. I've tried connecting to my TV but that doesn't show anything either. Anyone have any suggestions as to the problem?

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Try disconnecting the LCD screen flex cable from the motherboard end only and connecting the TV (I assume you are using the HDMI connection) to the laptop's HDMI output connection and see if you get a picture.

If not try the vga connection (I think it has a vga connection, maybe not, specs says it has) to an external monitor or to your TV if it has a vga input.

If either the HDMI or the vga works see if you can initially get into the BIOS screen to start with, just to prove that the video works properly. If it does, try booting into Windows and see if that works. If it does there may be something wrong with either the video flex cable or the new LCD screen.

If there is still no picture then there may be something wrong with the GPU.

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I have the same problem but the real problem is the gpu so Is there a solution to fix the gpu with out replacing the whole motherboard

Plz help me



If the GPU is hard mounted on the motherboard, there's not much you can do except replace the motherboard.

What is the model number of the laptop?


Sony vaio MODEL SVE151G11M



Do you get a Sony splash screen when first starting i.e. Sony logo?

Check in BIOS as the best that I can find out is that there are two GPUs in the laptop although I may be wrong as all I could find out is that it has an Intel i5 CPU but this doesn't mean that it has integrated graphics (GPU) as not all do.

If it has it will be shown in BIOS. One is integrated in with the CPU i.e. Intel GPU and the other is a discrete GPU AMD Raedon 7650M hard mounted on the motherboard

If the AMD Raedon is not working you may have to use the Intel GPU as the primary GPU and disable the AMD GPU to be able to use the laptop

Also check that the drivers for the AMD GPU are OK.

If it only has the one GPU (no splash screen on startup) then you have a problem.

Try shining a torch at an angle close to the screen to check for images on the display. They will be very faint if they are there. If they are there then you have a backlight problem.

Did you try using an external monitor (TV?) connected to the laptop, to see if that worked, you never said?


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Have you tried reseating the ram can mess with no video issues

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