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Released in March of 2014, can be identified by the model number KX-TGE233 on the bottom of the main docking station.

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My phone wont charge on the Station

I've changed the batteries in my phone but it still doesn't seem to charge. Any suggestions?

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Exact same problem right out of the box. Will try to send


My problem is that ALL FOUR of my cordless phones suddenly started showing “CHARGING.” This happened after I had moved the main docking center into another room and plugged it into a different electrical plug. ???


I have same problem with two panasonic charging stations, model KX-TGA653 phones. Pure unadulterated junk!! I will never buy this 1 year old system again.


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Hi @ Nicholas Gold,

Here's a link to a similar problem concerning Panasonic cordless phone (different model) not charging, that may be of interest to you.

Panasonic cordless phone shows charging but actually it's discharging.

If the warranty still applies to your phone, I suggest that you try that first though

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Hi there, Will.

First off, please run through this device's troubleshooting guide to make sure your question isn't answered there.

Are you absolutely certain the batteries are charged? The Panasonic KX-TGE233 uses rechargeable AAA batteries, which can corrode or lose charging capabilities over time. The easiest way to make sure there is an actual problem aside from the batteries is to simply replace the batteries in the handset with fresh AAA batteries. If the phone now powers on, you'll know that your old batteries were the issue, and you can purchase new Ki-MH (not lithium) rechargeable AAA batteries as a replacement.

If the batteries are not causing the problem, the odds are good that there is an issue with the charging contact points on the bottom of your phone or inside the docking station. The easiest way to test whether or not the contact points are the cause is by trying to charge other phones in that docking station, or by attempting to charge that particular handset in another docking station. If other phones are able to charge in that main docking station, but that particular handset will not charge in the other docking stations, then the handset is the problem; if that handset is able to charge in the other docking stations, but none of your other two handsets can charge in the main docking station, then the contacts in the main docking station are the issue.

Since the repair guide for the contact points in the phone handsets and the docking stations don't seem to be up yet, I'd recommend either charging that handset on the other docking stations for now, or using the other handsets on the main docking station. This is, of course, depending on what the issue was from your testing.

Hopefully this helps and answers your question!


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Hi my handset does not charge on either charger while other handset works fine on both charge. I tried replacing batteries that also did not work. The units is been in use for only 3 months. I think the the handset is defective as the contact points looks clean.


If any one has had similar problem reply. I am planning to send the unit back to Panasonic repair center, hope they send me new unit or repair the existing unit. It is frustrating when rely on cordless phone as we have 2 floors in the house.


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You need to open unit and place something metallic under spring start, connected to plastic (i used tiny screws) to increase spring tension. For info my phone charges only if i lean it forward.

Hope this helps

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