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The RIDGID R86034 is a Lithium Ion impact driver manufactured by RIDGID in 2012.

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Dropped it in water

Dropped the impact driver in water now the battery and driver won't work.. Can it be fixed?

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Unless you can clean the PCBs and replace the battery, I doubt it’ll survive especially if the motor is bad. I would get the battery replaced if possible, and then try to repair the bare tool. If the tool is beyond repair, then you will probably be better off replacing it with a “tool only” replacement, and letting them know the old one is dead due to liquid if you need to do that.

More then likely, the tool will be a total loss unless you can fix it, or get a pass for accidental damage. If the battery isn't covered you usually get a better deal on 2 packs. I would check that first before risking getting caught.

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will be ok in a few days just let let dry out first, use a different battery... not the one that went in the water

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Downvoted for mentioning rice.


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No, put in for warranty and the just send you a new battery. They have lifetime warranty if you registered it.

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