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A Windows phone known for its camera capabilities. Also known as Nokia EOS, Nokia 909, Nokia RM-875, Nokia RM-877, Nokia RM-876.

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Phone not switching on

I was using my phone and then it got switched off due to no charge.

I kept it for charging and tried to switch on my phone but since then its not switched on.

It wont switch on due to some reason.Kindly help.

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Fazal, it is possible that it is just totally discharged. Try a new cable and a different charger. If that does not work, you may have a bad charging connector. In that case, try a new battery or one that has been charged with an external charger to at least get your phone to respond. Consider replacing the charging port. Here is a decent guide for that.

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That video is in no way helpful it doesn't show u how to remove the port I went through the steps a few minutes ago after releasing the 2 screws there is still another part of the flex cable which is behind the speaker and to remove the speaker u would have to break the backcase so my suggestion is to by the back case with the port


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